How To Handle Kids Who are in the Habit of Saying No?

As children grow and learn new words, there comes a time when they become obsessed with using the word no for everything. This is natural, as the children are in the process of knowing the power of their words and attempt to assert their self. For instance, if a child asks for the power wheel, your child will directly say no. As a result, children may not learn about the benefits of sharing, and this where the role of parents become significant.

Children tend to use the word no often because they are also trying to find about their choices and preferences in the process of developing the personality. However, if one associates the use of the word no in children with one cause, it may be a reductionist approach. Therefore, it is best to observe your child and try to find the reason in order to tackle the situation, as it may get hard for the parent to get things done if their children continue to say no to everything.

Some of the children may start to complain more if they are not allowed to say no, as the option of passive resistance seems the best outlet to them to vent the emotions. Therefore, when these children grow up, they struggle to find the inner compass in form of making choices and remembering the true self. Consequently, some of the people end up saying yes to even things they want to say no to.  In some of the cases, if the parents do not have experience in raising the children, they may feel confused and helpless when children attempt to assert the will. Hence, some of the parents take it as the defiant attitude and make it their mission to fix that. However, if the parents resort to the use of force or punishment, it may make your relationship with the child worst.


If you think that no is the reflection of defiance in the child, you may need someone close to you to talk about it, as it may be the consequence of your fear or overreaction. This is not to say that children cannot go in this direction, however, if you start to take the measures to counter it without confirming it, it may not prove effective. For instance, your child may be in need of your attention or the space to express the emotions.

Moreover, if the child is not listening to you, it may be the result of not being boss around by the adults, however, it can be resolved if you find a way of finding common grounds and cooperation with the child. In simple words, if you guide the child in dealing with this phase, you could utilize this opportunity to bond with the children like never before.

Similarly, if you see the expression of your child as the one way of taking a stance, it may give them confidence. Likewise, the inner personality will start to take shape if you allow the child to make choices. Furthermore, if you attempt to change the mind of the child, it may not help you to make them more cooperate, as it usually makes the children stubborn. However, with the love and guidance, the children can be persuaded to express the choices in a more subtle way. In addition, if you respect the child in terms of giving the space, it may help to bridge the gap in the shape of improved understanding. Likewise, if you do not use extreme measures to regulate them, the child will come to realize your role and importance in the life. Therefore, you may have to show tolerance and it may not be easy, however, if you continue doing it, you will be rewarded.

Stop Resisting

As it has been said earlier if you think that your child is expressing the opposition to your parenting by saying no, you may be mistaken. Moreover, if you could change the thought process and look at it positively, it may seem easy to support the child or help them get past this phase.

Taking Things Personally

The idea is to let the child have a new or an independent viewpoint rather than forcing yours on them. Though it may take some time, however, if you remain determined in terms of allowing the freedom of thought in the house, you will see your children getting self-sufficient.

Listening Skills

It has been noticed that children like to get the attention of the parents especially when they are young and if you could give them time and listen to their concerns, you can become their friend and improve the relations.

Paying Attention

It requires more time than other steps, but if you learn to master it, the problems can be curtailed in many ways. For example, if you think that your child is misbehaving or if they are not listening to you, you can observe the signs or body language of the child to figure out the real cause of the tension. If the child is young, he/she may not know the best way to express the resentment. So, the stress on saying no may be a result of that. However, if you can read the mind of your child, it may make it easy for you to address the underlying concern.


To put simple, children are interested in expressing their emotions and if they are not guided or supported, they may manifest it in form of saying no to everything you tell them to do. But, if you take it in a negative manner and try to fight them, it may get worst. Hence, the best way to handle is to give them time and persuade them with your actions than the talk. In addition, if you can invest time in the children, this tendency can help the children in developing significant personality traits. So, if the child is allowed to express the opinion, this habit can be curbed.

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